Story-driven adventure game with RPG elements
 set in first Slavic state of Great Moravia

Story-driven adventure game 
with RPG elements
 set in first Slavic state of Great Moravia


A story game where you don't save the world, you save yourself.

The player finds themself in the shoes of a Slavic priest, called the Volkhv in the old Slavic language. After an attack by the rest of the Avar army, he loses his sister. Feeling a failure as a brother and protector, he embarks on a journey of redemption, a journey of finding answers and culprits. Perhaps, however, he himself is to blame, and there is more to his past than one would expect from a priest.

Inspired by various materials, from archaeological sources to fiction, the authors create a believable world that is full of Slavic mythology in addition to real historical scenes. Side story lines are based on local superstitions, stories, and fairy tales. In the game, you will meet (and maybe even have to fight) the well-known Polednica, a waterman, but also various imps like Domovik and many others.

A linear main story full of dubbed rich dialogue, twists and turns and suspense. Find out where Volkh's steps lead and what lies behind his past. Side story lines with the option of choosing and enriching the progress of the task. Get to know the world in which our ancestors lived, and the legends associated with it.

A dynamic world where characters, animals and mythological creatures have different patterns of behavior during the day than at night. Think twice before going into the forest in total darkness​.

Skill system based on mythology. Unlike ordinary mortals, you will have unique spells as a Slavic priest. Their use will not be as frequent, but their impact will be significant.

Lots of different types of enemies. You will face fallen Avars, enemy soldiers and most of all creatures that no one was supposed to meet.

A relatively small, but all the richer and more compact, semi-open world that offers itself for exploration. Discover hidden characters and maybe you will come across a rare reward.

Dire Badger Studio is currently composed of three people and strongly believes that it will grow over time.

Ivan Kubal

Author and Developer

His application to McDonald´s was denied when he was 20. Since then he used to work as project manager for theatre and dance festivals and contemporary circus company Cirk La Puyka. Right now, developing his dream game.

Katerina Brzobohata

Historian and mythology expert 

She specializes on a history of ancient world (Greece and Rome) and medieval era, especially on a development of a Catholic Church. Besides her academic interests, Katerina is an actress in theatre, photographer and painter.  

Jan Balcar

Musical magician and composer

Music producer, sound designer, composer and instrumentalist. Runs Prague-based music recording Studio Bros. Likes make noises and calls it art. Staff composer and performer at Czech circus company Cirk La Putyka.

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